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Amatamatá is the deployment of my infinite research towards and around the wonderful, this concept that is at the same time poetic, scientific, rational, unconscious, intuitive, ambivalent and etc. This time, I marvel at the history of the forests and its living beings that are responsible for human presence on earth. So I told myself that I should go and look for the wonderful in Brazil, even if it is far away. To discover its plants, animals and wonders.

Starting from a fiction written by Paulo Leminski in which René Descartes travels to the north and north-east of Brazil, I began to dream and to navigate through the writings of pilgrims and scientists (Darwin, Humboldt, Mancuso, Brum, etc.) and those of the indigenous people (Kopenawa, Krenak, Munduruku, etc.) while seeking their wonder and their readings towards life, nature, the body, the choreography of micro-organisms, stars, etc.

Faced with the zeitgeist of our time, the climate catastrophe, the imminent death of the largest rainforest on the planet and other perils and challenges, as a choreographic artist I ask myself the following questions: Will we be able to reforest / rewild / replant, to become forest with our bodies and our cities, to build a little house in the forest, how will we find joy and pleasure in order not to fall into melancholic and eco-climatic anguish? How do we make a dance to postpone the end of a world?

choreography Bruno Freire
performers Solo: Bruno Freire (BE/BR); Trio: Isabela Fernandes Santana (FR/BR), Robson Ledezma (BE/BR), et Thiago Antunes (BE/BR) dramaturgie Isabela Fernandes Santana (FR/BR) design son Ricardo Vincenzo (BR) design lumière Estelle Gautier (FR)
provocations Ana Teixeira (BR) et José Fernando Peixoto (BR) et Wagner Schwartz (BR/FR)
Production Entropie production
Coproduction par Charleroi danse.
Support Bourse à la recherche - Charleroi danse, centre chorégraphique de Wallonie - Bruxelles, Bourse à
l’expérimentation - Service de la Danse de la Fédération Wallonie - Bruxelles, Festival International BAM (Siby/Bamako - Mali), Santarcangelo Festival (Italy), WorkspaceBrussels, BUDA Kunstencentrum (Courtrai)


General manager
Pierre-Laurent Boudet
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Administrative manager
Anaïs Bastin
anais.bastin (at)
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Production manager
Rocio Leza
Rocio.leza (at)
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Production manager - Projet Quartier Vincent Glowinski
Laura Ughetto
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Abel Poucet

Entropie Production is supported by Ministry of Culture of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles and Wallonie Bruxelles International

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