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Human Brush (outdoor)

A show by Vincent Glowinski & Jean-François Roversi

Mostly he uses walls in the city as a canvas at unguarded moments, but this time, he invades the theatrical space for a performance. He performs a series of meticulous and repetitive gestures that are recorded, multiplied and projected life-size by a suspended camera. The body, lit like a photo in a dark room, leaves traces that create images. From the motion, rolling and vibrating of the body all sorts of shapes and figures emerge – otherworldly skeletons, unknown vertebrate species... The images are reminiscent of old cave paintings or confusing X-ray details. The anatomy of the image is revealed spontaneously and emphasizes the beauty of the intangible Mono B and his gestures.
Human Brush is a site specific short piece that can be adapted for theatres and outdoor spaces. Music is performed live by Eric Desjeux.

Video programming: Jean-François Roversi
Dance / Drawing: Vincent Glowinski
Music: Eric Desieux
Production: Entropie Production

Picture ©AlicePiemme/AML



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