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L’art de conserver la santé

“The whole school of Salerno wrote for the English king:
If you want to be healthy, if you want to remain sound,
Take away your heavy cares, and refrain from anger,
Be sparing of undiluted wine, eat little, get up
After eating fine food, avoid afternoon naps,
Do not retain your urine nor tightly compress your anus.
Do these things well, and you shall live along time.”

L’art de conserver la santé (or The Salernitan Rule of Health) is a dance piece inspired by the aphorisms found in an 18th century anonymous (probably collective) poem: Regimen Sanitatis Slernitanum or The Salernitan Rule of Health. It is a collection of all the principles of the Salerno medical school, one of the first European medical faculties.

I believe that these short poems were originally sung.

L’art de conserver la santé will be a dance piece for three dancers with live singing. We will embody the long-lost movements from the Medieval times. We will not re-enact but focus on what is gone and no longer present.


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