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3ème Vague

Aurélien and Maxime are two young artists working between Belgium and France. Today we collaborate on the question of ecology applied to the performing arts. In our personal lives, we reflect daily on ecology. Seen through a political prism, we act on our food consumption, on the energy we spend, on our means of transportation and on the way we discuss these issues. But we have never tried to transfer these reflections to the creative process within the performing arts.

What kind of actions can we take as professionals in our field to address this question, at a time of general social and political awareness of ecology? What would a show that respects these ecological considerations look like?
We would like to create a performance in which these issues are put into perspective. It is not so much a matter of organizing and making a show on the subject of ecology, but rather of concretely questioning our practice. Our focus would therefore be on research and the aesthetic and dramatic impact of a performance pushed to the paroxysm of ecology.

Does that mean doing a show in the dark? But also, what sets do we recycle? Can there be a tour? Who pollutes more: the actor or actress, the technicians or the directors? What about guilt? Can we dissociate our civic and professional ethics? Is there a need for punitive theater? Are we the third wave ; of a late reflection, or of a change in practice?

These questions lead us to think about well-being at work and its conditions. Ecology is also, and above all, the social question of beings living within an environment (in this case, the performing arts).
And if ecology induces us to slow down production and material, is it compatible with the environment, meaning the performing arts industry as it is today and what it implies in terms of production and its different stages? With this project, we aim to question the ecology of relationships, especially work-related: how not to overload ourselves, minding external pressure and burn-out. Finally, how can ecology within a creative work be a response to a capitalist, cultural and political crisis? This is why we also intend to examine the places where our work is received in order to shape and feed a large map of ecological actors in the performing arts as rehearsals and shows unfold.

3ème vague bénéficie de l’accompagnement en production d’Entropie Production et des conseils d’Aurore Stalin ainsi que du soutien du CENT-QUATRE PARIS.
3ème vague, un spectacle écrit et porté par Aurélien Leforestier et Maxime Arnould sous l’impulsion de Léa Tarral (dramaturge).


General manager
Pierre-Laurent Boudet
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Production manager - Projet Quartier Vincent Glowinski
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Entropie Production is supported by Ministry of Culture of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles and Wallonie Bruxelles International

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