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In 2018, at the Festival Parallèle in Marseille, Bruno Freire created a show that encapsulated all his artistic experiences in one performance. In this performance, Freire was using fiction and poetry to tell his need to find wonders in everything.

After this performance in Marseille, Freire started a series called "Wonderful A to Z".

In his alphabet, Freire did not start with A, like most other alphabet, but with the letter M. For this piece, Freire researched the choreographies of "M’Amazonie", an imaginary land, an immaterial metaphor. Maybe Freire imagined a trip he never took, from Noverre to the Amazonian rainforest, inspired by the journey of Descartes in the tropics as described by Brazilian poet Paulo Leminski with a psychedelic baroque style in his book Catatau

M may be coming from the Matrinxãs, a fish from the Amazonian Bay known for being cannibal and its long journey into the river to breed. M may be coming from cassava, which literally means ‘the bread of the house’. M perhaps may be coming from an imminent death or melancholy caused by a climatic disaster. M may be a monster.

may be a dance solo, a low-tech poem to control & save in our imaginary archive what’s left of a forest that is facing its own death.


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