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Coupé Décalé

The COUPÉ DÉCALÉ evenings are returning to La Raffinerie for the third time. The writing of movement is explored and examined through films, debates, installations and performances involving research on anthropology, philosophy and history of art. In previous editions, the collective has been interested in the question of the body and the camera in a trance (the ritual trance, the trance of possession, hypnotic, dreamlike, cinematic). This season it will be extending its research to the relationship between the body and society.

Coupé Décalé is conceived by Justine François, anthropologist, Maïté Jeannolin, dancer et Charlotte Marchal, video artiste.


General management

Pierre-Laurent Boudet

pierlo.boudet (at)
+32 484 650 830

Production manager

Florent Garnier
florent.garnier (at)
+32 487 76 83 16
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