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Entropie Production offers a wide range of contextualised interventions centred around specific themes.
We curate our own interventions or tailor projects based on the needs of a festivals or venues.
Our primary goal is to look at different themes and invite guests (artists and researchers) to curate a programme that outline their reflexion in various formats: performances, installations, lectures, conferences, screenings and listening sessions.


General management
Pierre-Laurent Boudet

pierlo.boudet (at)
+32 484 650 830

Production manager
Florent Garnier
florent.garnier (at)
+32 487 76 83 16
Entropie Production is suported by Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles Hosted by Théâtre Varia
Rue du Sceptre 78 - 1050 Bruxelles - BE -