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Nadia Schnock

Nadia Schnock was born in 1973 in Brussels (Belgium). She graduated from Brussels’ Fine Arts Academy in 1992-1994. Since then, she has been exploring the “performative object” in visual arts. Since 1997, she has regularly been invited to present her work in numerous galleries.

Her interest in performance has led to her to collaborate with dance and theatre makers. She has worked on the set-design and the dramaturgy of numerous productions, including Starfish position by Carlos Pez, Supernatural by Alix Eynaudi, Beyond Mary and Joseph and Missing Link by Lilia Mestre or Inner horizons by Yukiko Nakamura. She has also directed Thomas Plischke’s (RE)sort and Davis Freeman’s Transit.

In 2005, she collaborated with Les Vedettes on their show Plus ou moins majorettes (More or Less Cheerleaders). Building on this collaboration, she made connections with the music scene, and worked with French singer Philippe Katherine on the album Disque N°1. Following this musical collaboration, she released a video for Juke Box, collaborated with the Brokenaerts on the musical-theatre piece Recollez les morceaux (Patch things up). More recently, she has created Mireilles, a commission by Les Tombées de la nuit in Rennes (France).

Gary, her latest piece, was coproduced by Les Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels, and The Buda in Courtrai (Belgium).


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