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Gaelle Bourges & Gwendoline Robin Incidence 1327

Petrarch follows his parents to Avignon, which Pope Clement V just made his home. On 6 April 1327, he sees a woman called Laura for the first time. This encounter will have major repercussions: today, we still read the poems of the Canzoniere she inspired. Through history, art history, language, and matter, Gaëlle Bourges and Gwendoline Robin explore this meeting and its random and explosive effects.

Design and interpretation Gaëlle Bourges and Gwendoline Robin

Production Association Os, Festival d’Avignon dans le cadre du projet SOURCE programme Europe créative de l’Union européenne
Co-production SACD
With the help of L’échangeur - CDCN Hauts-de-France

Picture ©Jorge de la Torre


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