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Les loups

While on a biology mission on the icy shores of the Antarctic, three young scientists, Céline, Pierrick and Jean, decide to change the site of their research. Instead of staying along the littoral where their camp was supposed to be, they venture illegally inland where they find a frozen lake whose waters have been protected for millenniums by layers of ice. For the three scientists, it’s an incredible sanctuary for unknown bacteria.

They settle down around the lake, ready their equipment, dig a hole in the ice and dive into the lake.
Their make unprecedented and precious discoveries. However, after a few days, they start to feel dizzy. They manage to call for help, but in the midst of their delirium, they start to behave like wolves.

Creative Credits:
Céline/Olga: Cécile Maidon
Pierrick/Pete: Pierrick De Luca
Hector: David Koczij
Jean/Ives: Jean Le Peltier
Set design: Vincent Glowinski / Bonom
Lighting design: Émilie Brassier
Costumes: Agathe Thomas
Production déléguée: La Balsamine
Associated production : Entropie Production
Coproduction: Le Vivat - Scène conventionnée Danse & Théâtre d’Armentière, La Balsamine (Brussels)
With the support of the 104 (Paris)

Creation calendar:
19 – 25 June 2017: Residency at the 104
1 – 14 October 2017: Residency at the Vivat d’Armentières
6 November – 1 December: Residency at La Balsamnine
26 January 2018: French preview at the Vivat d’Armentières
12 – 24 March 2018: Residency at La Balsamine
29 – 30 March 2018: Belgian premiere at La Balsamine


General management

Pierre-Laurent Boudet

pierlo.boudet (at)
+32 484 650 830

Production manager

Florent Garnier
florent.garnier (at)
+32 487 76 83 16
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