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WE.LO(U)VE.RADIO • Echos from Sewer

We.Lo(u)ve.Radio is a series of site specific and nocturnal live radio performances created by Aurélie and Jeannne Louve. Aurélie and Jeanne are in residence for the 2020-2021 season at the Sewer Museum of the City of Brussels.

Echo des eaux de WE.LO(U)VE.RADIO au Musée des Égouts de Bruxelles from Entropie Production on Vimeo.

Get ready to discover two performances and sound installations:

L’écho des taques
Conceived from materials collected during a call for stories, this second installation gathers dozens of audio and written testimonies of our inner waters, of their moments of unrest. Expunged, these memories have been renewed or revealed, telling us more pleasant, gentler or simply lighter stories. L’écho des taques is a collaboration with the artist and sound designer Anne Lepère.

sewermuseum · #2 Échos des Égouts - Écho des taques

L’écho des eaux
For this third and last part, We Lo(u)ve radio invites Myriam Pruvot. As a musician and sound artist, she will propose a sound and performance ritual together with Les Louves. Organized underground, this participatory concert will bring together a small group of visitors guided by the voices of the performers and of women invited to compose the concert with them. This small community contributes to resound the score of the course of the waters, retained, soiled then released…

sewermuseum · #3 Échos des Égouts - Écho des eaux

On July 02 at 12:00, the We.Lo(u)ve.Radio team, Aude Hendrick, the curator of the Sewer Museum, and Agnès Jeanjean, professor of anthropology and pioneering researcher into the world of sewers, are guests on the Midi Express program of Radio Campus Brussels, dedicated to the underground world of the Brussels sewers.

July 3rd will see the opening of the exhibition "Échos des égouts - Occupation Sonore" which will take place until October 03. We.Lo(u)ve.Radio invests the Senne channel and the pipes of underground Brussels to offer 3 sound installations to visitors. With Échos des égouts, the artists’ collective goes diging, stirring and meeting new voices. Voices that we do not hear, that we do not question. Through sound vibrations emitted against walls and under vaults, striking the surface of soiled water, these voices resonate in the museum, emerging from the depths like witnesses of a world of shadows.

On August 31, a sound performance will be held as part of the Semaine du Son.

Eric Danhier

Production Entropie Production
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