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Jean Le Peltier

Ives & Pony present Jean Le Peltier’s shows. His shows are stories for the stage; they are not necessarily told with words and they aim at creating sense: surrounding sense, common sense, implicit sense. His stories are dreamt, buried… Le Peltier is searching for the mythological elements that are always present at the back of our minds, showcasing the grandiose in naivety, the precious in simplicity.

Vincent Lécuyer wrote the following on Le Peltier’s writings:

Jean is the writer of the Great Outdoors. He is an adventurer: with his bag pack, he is travelling through mountains, forest and ice; just like us when we were kids, boarding boats, canoes and pirogues, to defy our inner fears of life and darkness, to grow, find ourselves, in ourselves and in the others. He’s writing for the stage small-scale epic inner adventures. The most important part of his stories is the encounter with the other one: whether these encounters happen or not, it is always a great party when we eventually understand each other. Jean wakes up the dormant giants, explores children’s naïve universe where we are lonely, where everything is so terribly important and upsetting. But Jean himself is not that naïve: he is exploring this universe to ask more important, existential, scientific and philosophical questions. We are gathered around the camp fire, and the story teller is someone who is curious of everything, obsessional, who loves life, who is frustrated and who is looking for an answer and something bigger. And for those of you who – unfortunately – have stopped asking this kind of questions, exploring the world and time: he is contagious.

Picture © Sirot Balboni


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