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EFFRACTION • Aurélie Brousse

Initiated by the Center in 2020 is dedicated to sound and radio works. It is deployed at the rate of 3 editions per season. The programming of this cycle is ensured by a carte blanche, granted for this first edition to Aurélie Brousse.

Effraction  is an invitation to discover the Belgian polymorphic, polyglot and diffracted sound and radio creation. Three meetings in the season to discover the richness and diversity of this landscape through different prisms in the space of an evening.

Aurélie Brousse is involved in numerous radio projects ranging from the production of radio plays ("Quand la mer se retire" with Ecaterina Vidick and currently "Toucher terre" with Jeanne Debarsy) to the sound performance with the collective WeLo (u) veRadio, the production of programs on Radio Panik, coordination of Festival Monophonic events...

EFFRACTION 01 • Leslie Doumerc, « Ode à la radioactivité »
2020 January 16th

EFFRACTION 02 • Une rencontre radiophonique avec Séverine Janssen
2020 November 20th

CWB_Paris · Effraction 2 : Une rencontre radiophonique avec Séverine Janssen

[EFFRACTION 03 • Une rencontre radiophonique avec Myriam Pruvot

CWB_Paris · Effraction 3 : Une rencontre radiophonique avec Myriam Pruvot


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