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STOEMP Festival

Point Éphémère, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris and Entropie Production present STOEMP FESTIVAL.

On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November 2019, STOEMP FESTIVAL will showcase the best emerging music, dance and performance from Belgium. The Belgian scene is as vibrant and unpredictable as ever, come get a taste of it.

Over the weekend, Belgian artists will take over the Point Ephémère for two days of performance and party. Come and explore every corner of the building and discover extraordinary artists showcasing their unique talents.

Just like in a stoemp, everything will be Belgian, everything will be good.

STOEMP FESTIVAL will feature performative conferences, rock and electro live music and shamanic rituals. With performances by Ondinez Cloez, Simon Thomas, Namdose, Monolithe Noir, Ophélie Mac, Les Juliens, Mama Chihuahua, Roméo Poirier, Marc Melià XXL and Azo.

Infos et Tickets
Performances Ven 29 & Sam 30 NOV

Concerts Ven 29 NOV
Concerts Sam 30 NOV


19:00 Performance
tOuT dOiT dISpArAiTrE (20’)

Ophélie Mac is a live art / ceramics artist. She is fascinated by the idea of transformation and in her performance Everything Must Go, she is focusing on a journey, from the workshop to the warm-up area, then the dressing room and finally the stage. With her work, Mac is questioning the values of the art market, the role of an artwork and the space occupied by black bodies in the art industry.

20:00 Concert
MoNoLiThE nOiR

Monolithe Noir’s music is pure instinct. Once a pop artist, he had to find inspiration somewhere else: he left the sugar-coated melodies behind to find his own voice. The self-made musician has found a new voice experimenting with a modular synthesizer. Creating tunes with that unique and unpredictable sound, Monolithe Noir is pushing boundaries and confirm his unique talent.
⚡️ soundcloud 👉

21:00 Concert

Namdose is the supergroup formed by BRNS and Ropo-porose. Originally created on an invitation by Les Nuits du Botanique and Rockomotives festivals, Namdose is a unique live experience. While the five musicians perform in a circle in the middle of the auditorium, audience members can walk around the musicians and experience the music in a totally different, and more intimate, way.
⚡️youtube 👉

22:00 Concert
lEs JuLiEnS

Les Juliens started as a joke: the musicians created a band that was supposed to perform only once, but the audience loved them and wanted them to carry on. Fats forward 2019 and the super band (Les Juliens is Fabiola, Monolithe Noir, The Tellers, Elvis Ghettoblaster, Blondy Brownie, Brns) still performs classic Julien Clerc songs. Somewhere between The Horror Picture Show and Émilie Jolie, Les Juliens preform rock and decadent covers of the French crooner with the killer voice.
⚡️youtube 👉

23:00 DJ Set
NaMdOsE VS lEs JuLiEnS


17:00 Performance
OnDiNe ClOeZ

Regimen, Sanitatis Salernitanum is a dance piece with live singing: an exploration of long-forgotten body movements from medieval times. It is inspired by the book of the same name (‘How to looks after yourself’) and studies how the precepts found in the original text are still at the core of some our everyday hygiene habits.

17:30 Performance
JeAn Le PeLtIeR

In this performance, Jean-Jean, artist, is in dialogue with Pony, an AI who took the shape of a headless horse.
Jean Le Peltier is a live art artist: he tells stories not so much to make theatre, but to perform for the present. He creates spaces for the implicit, the hidden, the truths we only see in dreams. Le Peltier shows us what is magnificent where we only see naivety, what is precious where we only see simplicity.

18:00 Performance
SiMoN tHoMaS
& mAnOn JoAnNoTeGuY

Tirons des conclusions is a conference inspired by wildlife documentaries. Thomas and Joannoteguy are drawing conclusions on animals purely based on what they saw after watching hours of documentaries. Their conclusions are not what you would expect and veer towards a fierce anthropomorphism. Thomas’ universe is hugely influenced by comics, cartoons and video games. He is a writer, an illustrator, an artist and he stages his own projects. In 2016, his first piece Should I Stay or Should I Stay was met with huge success.

19:45 Concert Performance
mAmA cHiHuAhUa (15’)

One half of the Mama Chihuahua duet is from Brussels, the other is from Antwerp. Their music is a substitute for love, happiness and all sorts of other addictions. They will draw you into their unique universe with their songs about puppies, ice creams, gambling and limos.
⚡️ soundcloud 👉

20:00 Concert
RoMéO pOiRiEr

Roméo Poirier is a musician but also a lifeguard. He is signed with London based label Kit Records and has released music under the moniker Swin Platform (‘Surfaces’ 2015) and Poirier Marshall Partners (‘Atelier/Ferme’ 2016). He is now releasing materials under is real name. His first album ‘Plage arrière’ is an homage to beach electro.
⚡️ youtube 👉

21:00 Concert
Marc Melia XXL
A few years ago, Melia, who is Flavien Berger’s protégé, released the critically acclaimed ‘Music for Prophet’ – an album recorded with the iconic Prophet 08 synthesiser. He is now back under the name Marc Melia XXL. Together with drummer Roméo Poirier and keyboard Lou Rotzinger, he pushes even further the boundaries of electronic music.
⚡️ bandcamp 👉

22:00 DJ set
The most bonkers girl in town is known for throwing the best parties in Brussels: Dance Resurrection, Benediction – Rituels Exceptionels and Pink Night – the closing party of Pink Screens Film Festival. She is also a host on Kiosk Radio. She produces, plays the keyboard, she is a DJ and sounds engineer. This multi-talented artist has performed under different names (Dance Resurrection Crew, Dj LovePills and the Cosmic Queen, The Mafia Sauce Killers...) for some of the best venues and festivals in the world: Dour festival, Concrete Paris, Wanderlust, C12, Couleur Café, Listen Festival, Les Nuit blanches…
⚡️ soundcloud 👉


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