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Vincent Glowinski

Artist Vincent Glowinski, also famously known for his graffitis as Bonom, has gained recognition over the past few years thanks to his work on the walls of the cities he has visited as well as for his visual arts and stage works.

“Under the moniker Bonom, Vincent Glowinski has gained recognition first in Brussels and then internationally thanks to gigantic pieces scattered around the urban landscapes. If he was first admired for his talents as a graffiti artist, he then explored other art forms, including visual arts (sculptures in parchment leather), live art (Human Brush) and various drawing and painting techniques. Whether they are commissions or personal initiatives, his urban creations can only leave a long-lasting impression. A macabre aesthetics impregnates the most recurring element of his work (animals suffering from gigantism, monstrous or mythological, skeleton or unborn). This unique imagery stems from fairy tales and legends, their under-arching – yet powerful – structures merge with reality, questioning the foundation of our world. Bonom’s creations – and their powerful primal features – oppose structuring paradigms and the reverie of storytelling to the anarchic proliferation in urban landscapes.”

Written by Musée d’Ixelles for the Pop-Up, Liens artistiques exhibition, summer 2012.

Picture : ©Ivan Put


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