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Vacances vacance

"Vacances vacance" ("Holidays holiday") is a solo. It is a monologue that slowly turns into a choreographic piece. I unravel a thought, made of associations of ideas; a logorrhoea in which I talk about - in this order - the holidays, emptiness, hypnosis, NDE (Near Death Experience), clumsiness, stuttering, Demosthenes, afantaisists and grace. I present states of the body and then I experiment them physically. I am outside my body, beside it, in front of it, behind also. After having performed the same movement many times, I end up doing this strange dance where it looks like I am absent from my own body. I dissect this dance that I have called ‘Grace’.

I travel back and forth between an idea and the body, a dialogue that is sometimes naïve. I affirm I would like to be somewhere else, absent, inhabited. I play with the impossibility of this contradiction (to be here and there at the same time). I try to create a horizontal relationship with the audience, implying that I talk to them directly. I create a relationship based on trust: I do what I say and vice versa. Everything is transparent. Then, little by little, the relationship becomes looser. I empty it by using multiple layers of performative tools. I end up dancing in a more abstract way; it becomes more remote, less readable. I tackle the idea of grace and common notions in classical dance like generosity, talent, beauty, lightness. I twist these concepts to make sure they apply to what I do.
This solo is like a trip: it begins with a light-hearted discussion on holidays and end up in the embodiment of the scientific definition of emptiness: “A state in which there are absolutely no real particles”.

Creation, interpretation: Ondine Cloez
Lighting design: Vic Grevendonk
Playwright: Marine Bestel
Outside View: Sara Manente, Sabine Macher

Coproduction :
CDC Ateliers de Paris – Vincennes
CCN Orléans
Le Vivat – Scène conventionnée d’Armentières
Musée de la Danse - CCN de Rennes
Kunstencentrum BUDA – Courtrai
Charleroi Danse
La Bellone – Maison du Spectacle – Bruxelles
WPZimmer - Anvers
with the help of Gymnase - CDC Roubaix

Production : Entropie Production


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