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3ème Vague − Déformer, Repenser, Poursuivre

In 2021, we were asked to organise open meetings between host organisations, institutions, subsidising authorities, the public and artists to discuss the issues that emerged within 3 ème Vague (UCL/Bellone, Festival Trouble). These workshops brought out the participants’ needs, their impossibilities, and the choices to be made in an attempt to change things.

In May 2022, we invited non-practitioners of the performing arts to join us for a series of three meetings at the Bellone, which gave rise to three podcasts (see below). What are we not prepared to give up in the name of art? At a time when we need to learn to break with neo-liberal patterns, when we need to change our methods of producing and presenting a show, we are linking the notion of ecological struggles with that of anti-capitalism (producing less, in better conditions, rethinking the lifespan of a show...). Our aim was to figure out together the social and relational challenges of ecology applied to the performing arts, particularly through the relationships between artists and institutions - with Julie Sermon, Millica Illic (coordinator of the RESHAPE project and advisor to the Office National de Diffusion Artistique (ONDA) in France), Lazaro Gabino Rodriguez (member of the Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol company), Julie Sermon (professor of the history and aesthetics of contemporary theatre, author of the book Morts ou vifs, pour une écologie des arts vivants), Mylène Lauzon (director of La Bellone), Emmanuelle Nizou (artistic coordinator of La Bellone).


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