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La tête d’Actéon

Antlers are growing on Actaeon’s head. The trunks and branches that cover his head are the extension of the tree structure of his brain. A strange fate that means he is able to think “outside of himself”. This hat fits him like a dream, a souvenir, and is worn out of the need to “make this dream come out”. It’s the part of his head that doesn’t belong to him, that he has inherited but doesn’t recognise. Actaeon is a character from Greek mythology who was transformed into a stag by Artemis, goddess of the hunt, after he saw her bathing naked. This year, and for this new creation, Actaeon turns back into the sinful man who should have had his eyes clawed out but who is rather left to suffer, torn into strips by his own dogs; watched to die with as much delight as he must have felt at the moment of his error. Antlers are growing on his head but this year they will fall.

The street artist known as Bonom, Vincent Glowinski has become established over recent years both on the walls of cities he passes through as well as through his plastic art works and his theatre projects. For this creation, he worked with composer Walter Hus, who created a Decap Organ, a kind of large automated orchestra, controlled by a computer and developed by the company of the same name. The musical creation is the fruit of a joint effort with musicians Teun Verbruggen (drums) and Andrew Claes (saxophone).

© Bea Borgers

Directed & performed by Vincent Glowinski
Music Walter Hus, Teun Verbruggen, Andrew Claes
Lighting Davy Deschepper
Set paintingsPatrick Van Tricht
Set sculptures Agnés Debizet
Video software programming Jean-François Roversi
Production Entropie Production
Co-production Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Le Botanique – Centre Culturel de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles

Drawing © Vincent Glowinski


General manager
Pierre-Laurent Boudet
pierlo.boudet (at)
+32 484 650 830
Administrative manager
Anaïs Bastin
anais.bastin (at)
+32 2 642 20 57
Production manager
Camille Bono
camille.bono (at)
+33 6 33 23 06 21
Production manager - Projet Quartier Vincent Glowinski
Laura Ughetto
laura.ughetto (at)
Abel Poucet

Entropie Production is supported by Ministry of Culture of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles and Wallonie Bruxelles International

Hosted by Théâtre Varia
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